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Six words that can save your marriage

“It means a lot to me…”

These magical words can go far to save your marriage from stagnation or decline.

People want to live meaningful lives.  We want to make a difference at our job, in our community, at our church, in our families, and to our friends.  We want to matter.

That’s why you feel awesome when your husband or wife says to you, “It means a lot to me when you do the dishes.”  You had an impact on that person by doing the dishes.  You matter to that person.

When you forget what matters

Marriages struggle for lots of reasons, but complacency can be especially noxious.  When you take your spouse for granted you’re taking a big risk.  Our desire to matter is powerful and it makes us vulnerable to those we love.

There is no better feeling than when you make yourself vulnerable to a loved one and they handle you with care. (Except maybe eating a box of girl scout cookies.  That feels pretty good.) Read More →